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“Kelli’s work is like a magic wand! Over the past 10 years she has helped me with all my little ‘emergencies’ and things get better immediately. I call her when I feel ill with a bad migraine and nausea and literally within minutes I feel better and fall asleep. I call her when I’m having a rough patch with my beloved if we are arguing a lot. She clears the negative energies between he and I and our relationship is instantly back on happy terms again. Honestly her energetic and Akashic clearings are like a genie in a bottle. I used to have anger issues from a rough childhood and the anger is completely gone. I trust her work completely because time after time I always get the help I need.”
~ Ashley W., Digital Marketing

“I thought my beloved dog had just injured his leg falling down a steep hill and was not planning to take “Brewsky” to the vet, but Kelli knew immediately that he was terminal and had only 2 days to live. She advised me to take him in to the vet immediately to get him pain meds and the vet confirmed he was at the end stage of cancer. I was able to take time off work to be by his side for his final hours. Had I not talked to Kelli I never would had known he was ill.”
~ Veronica C., Post-Partum Product Developer

“For years I had been to many therapists but never felt much better. Kelli quickly helped me clear my self-sabotaging patterns and alleviate my lifelong depression. No other process or healer has been so effective in helping me create such huge shifts and positive changes so fast.”
~ Tracy K., Chef

“Out of all the healing arts modalities I have explored, this is the fastest, most accurate and comprehensive healing modality I have ever worked with to enhance every area of life. Everyone could benefit by this amazing and powerful work,”
~ Dr. Koppen

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