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Transform from Within and Live Your Best Life EVER!

Kelli Clayton

What if you could quickly and easily transform the “unwanted” aspects of your life by clearing karmic blocks and outdated soul contracts?

Whatever you may be struggling with…
I can help you find the answers to root causes, and conduct healing so you can finally move forward.

You can create your best life ever and shift into your highest and most joyous timeline easily and immediately by doing “inner Work.”  5D here you come!

We all create our own realities through the frequency we vibrate to, and over 85% of our outer world is created subconsciously by our inner hidden beliefs, programs, karma, past life energies, vows, contracts, repressed emotions, etc.  Daily focus and affirmations on what we desire is great, but it can’t work effectively until we’ve first removed those negative blocks  sabotaging our efforts.

Kelli helps her clients develop a personal relationship with their Higher Self/Spirit/Soul and begin a conscious co-creation partnership to better their lives.

Through a reading and healing of your own Soul Records, you will discover the fastest, easiest, most permanent and painless way to make wonderful and positive changes in your life.

    “When you clean-up your negative programs, energies, beliefs, motivations, emotions, vows, karma, etc. by doing your ‘inner-work,’ you not only elevate your own frequency, but you heal your children and their children ahead of you, and you heal 8 generations behind you! Your light will even elevate everyone around you wherever you go! A commitment to regular ‘inner work’ is the most important work you can ever do,” explains Kelli.


    • Physical pain and health issues
    • Depression, anxiety, anger, fear
    • Looping patterns of suffering, lack and struggle
    • Outdated subconscious beliefs that no longer serve you
    • Your “Karma”


    • Old contracts and improve your relationships
    • Success blocks keeping you stuck from living your best life
    • Ancestral patterns/programs for yourself and future generations
    • Entity attachments, dark energies and curses


    • Childhood traumas, deep wounds and issues with your inner child
    • Your shadow-sides
    • Your deepest wounds and traumas
    • Your energy and increase vibrational frequency (help move you into 5D)


    • Future accidents and disease

    If you are ready to: Receive answers to your questions… Receive soul guidance and direction for your life… Clear out all the negative baggage you’ve been dealing with and finally create the life you desire…

    Start with one session or go deeper with a series of sessions.

    You will be amazed how much better you feel and how rapidly your life “smooths out” and transforms into your best life ever!

    Kelli Clayton

    Heal Your Past… Transform Your Present…Elevate Your Future….


    Kelli loves to teach and empower people to live their best lives. From A-list Celebrities to leading healthcare doctors, therapists, other holistic healers (and even family pets!), Kelli’s clients describe profound life enrichment. They have experienced clarity on their life’s purpose, much more joy, peace and overall well-being.

    With over 25 years of holistic energy medicine experience, Kelli’s Healing Arts background is a blend of her intuitive gifts and academic training

    I’d Love to Help


    “Out of all the healing arts modalities I have explored, this is the fastest, most accurate and comprehensive healing modality I have ever worked with to enhance every area of life. Everyone could benefit by this amazing and powerful work,”
    ~Dr. Koppen

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    Heal Your Past… Transform Your Present… Elevate Your Future….

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