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“Helping others has always been my greatest joy and highest calling.”

Kelli Clayton

Hello, I’m Kelli, and my goal is to teach you how to be your own “Guru.” I want to Empower you with a pocketful of tools you can rely on when “the shit hits the fan.” Feeling helpless is not necessary! You can immediately use these tools to shift out of the “bumps in your road” and to create your best life ever! And when you get stuck on your path, I’m here to help you over the hump, to propel you forward, and get you going again to create and experience your best life yet to come.

My own spiritual journey unconsciously began growing up in Hawaii. I was a child empath often confused by “yucky” feelings that made no sense to me – learning much later that most of those feelings were never mine, but of those of my parents and people closest to me. I remember attending church when I “got it.” I had arrived early and sat behind an elderly woman. We were the only ones in the church. Immediately I felt overwhelming anger and rage like I had never ever felt before. Why did I feel that way? I realized none of those feelings were mine, but belonged to the sad woman sitting in front of me. Bingo! I understood my empathic nature, and looking back at my life, finally everything finally made sense!

A few years later, on a trip to Rome, Italy while touring the Colosseum, I became profoundly aware of some of my other abilities/sensitivities – clairsentient and clairaudient. Tourists experience the history but I could literally hear and feel the loud roar of the crowds and people cheering. I tapped into one of my past-lives that day, experiencing myself as a dark-skinned female gladiator with child in my womb, slayed in the stomach by a Roman adversary who left me slowly bleeding to death. knew I would never get to meet or raise my baby. The encounter made me violently ill upon returning to my hotel, purging for 3 days.

When my mom was hospitalized for heart failure, and a mysterious condition where all her muscles stopped working, I discovered the miraculous power of guided meditation and the mind-body-spirit connection. Mom was unable to physically move and stricken with panic attacks, and doctors did not have any idea what to do for her. They thought she might have MS. I had no formal training but knew I had to take her mind off of her situation, as she was spiraling downhill rapidly in despair. I massaged her scalp and started making-up guided meditations and talking her through mental journeys into healing places to take her mind off of her situation. It Worked!! Mom quickly got a lot better, and within a couple of days, she was up walking around like normal. The nurses were blown away. My mom stared at me with a puzzled, but happy smile. I witnessed the transformational power of a simple mind-body-spirit technique and I was forever hooked!!

My conscious spiritual journey began in 1995 when I enrolled in a Healing Arts school at night, eager to learn every holistic healing modality offered. And learn it all I did! I was employed in the Los Angeles corporate world by day as a public relations executive in the home entertainment industry. My experiences through classes became even more profound. During meditation I literally heard “the choir of angels” sing, loud and clear! I experienced an angel wrap his huge wings around me and meld with my energy field, filling me a love so intense I have never felt on earth. I saw “light beings” move around a pitch dark room, and with my eyes closed and blindfolded, I was able to see everything happening in the room through my 3rd eye. When I took my first energy work class it was all so familiar, and I knew I had done it before (other lives). Two years later I graduated as a “Certified Holistic Healer” as well as receiving certifications in numerous healing modalities. And that was just the beginning!

Kelli Clayton and daughter

On June 3, 2000 I had a near-death experience and miracle of Biblical proportion that saved me and my unborn daughter’s life. I was 8 months pregnant, and saw blood flowing down my leg. I called my husband at the time to rush me to the hospital. The doctor said there was no evidence of blood (The blood that dripped down my leg was real to me…but apparently it was “a vision” to get me to the hospital in time.) As soon as he left the room I felt a shift and called the nurse. My placenta had dislodged and I was gushing blood. The doctors had minutes to cut me open, take out my baby, and stop my hemorrhaging before I bled to death. I could see the medical team working around me in a panic from above. Then, I felt a wave of calmness and love. My daughter and I were miraculously both alive and well.

I took a sojourn to India in 2005, selected by Sri Kasehwar, who sent a letter of invitation to work with miracle energy and purification processes at his ashram, which I knew nothing about. I thought, what the heck…it will be an adventure! During the first fire puja ceremony I mistakenly asked God to “bring it” (Increase my healing gifts) and God brought it! Within minutes I became extremely ill and walked outside and laid down outside on the temple steps. I purged over the next few days and was so weak I could not lift my head. I wasn’t sure if I would live to go home to see my little girl again. A local village doctor was rushed to me. He gave me an IV from a water bottle that hung on a clothes line over my cot. A nurse from my own city who just happened to be one of my international dorm-mates helped me…she took out the IV when it was done and looked after me.

I had no idea what was happening to me, but later realized I had become a pure, clear vessel for Spirit to do its work through me. I also learned a hard lesson in India. That it’s best that we do our healing in layers, like peeling an onion. If too much is cleared too fast, our physical bodies can’t handle it and we can get very physically ill.

As soon as I arrived home and met my first client, I discovered a big Gift from Spirit. All the energy healing techniques I had been taught (Polarity, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki) were out the window as I was able to instantly identify medical issues in my client’s body as my hands/arms moved “automatically” all around the body spinning energy and transforming it.

In between these “spiritual signposts” my own personal life was often challenging. These “tools” and sessions that I offer you – all of them helped me miraculously shift and transform my own life into a life that is now better than I could have ever imagined. All by identifying and changing subconscious beliefs, clearing blocks, programs, patterns, karma, contracts, discordant energies, etc. and replacing them with what I want. I took ownership that I am the creator of my life, and I became a “fully conscious” captain of my ship. Now whenever a little “bump” comes up, I quickly and easily remove it. Now I just fine-tune the life I continue to create.

Elephant, India, Kelli Clayton

Akashic record master, intuitive energy healings, angel readings

I currently reside in Texas with all my loved ones and offer remote and absentee healing sessions, and webinar classes. I also offer a 365-day remote healing monthly membership, and self-empowering tools via mp3 downloads. I look forward to meeting you!

  • Akashic Record Readings/Clearings/Healings
  • Advanced Spiritual Response Technique (SRT) Practitioner
  • Certified Holistic Healer
  • Intuitive Energy Healings/Medical Intuitive


  • Medical Intuitive, Channeled Energy Healings and Angel Messages
  • Certified Angel Communication Facilitator and Teacher
  • Certified Guided Meditation Facilitator and Teacher
  • Past Life Regression Facilitator
  • Shamanic Soul Retrieval Facilitator


  • Certified Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Therapeutic Touch
  • Homeopathy, Flower Essences, Plant medicines and oils, Color, and Sound Therapies
  • formerly Licensed Massage Therapist, Body Worker and Aesthetician

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