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How to prepare for a session

Although not necessary for a session, clients may want to prepare by creating a list of current challenges and issues, or reoccurring negative patterns. Something negative you want to shift or change.

Some examples of questions are:

  1. Negative issues – Who? What situations?
  2. Health problems – Physical pain? Fears? Depression?
  3. Finances, career challenges: Any repeating cycles blocking your prosperity?
  4. Relationships:  Family, friends, co-workers?

We will delve into the common issues that fall within the major life themes.

  • Love/Relationships
  • Money/Income
  • Health/Fitness
  • * Security/Resources
  • *Work/Career
  • Family Life/Children
  • Affection/Love
  • Sex/Intimacy
  • Life Meaning/Purpose/Direction
  • Recreation/Play
  • Recognition/Prestige
  • Control/Power/Personal Integrity
  • Faith/Joy/Trust/Courage
  • Inner Child Healing – The inner child can literally plan for and create accidents, illnesses and diseases in our lives if “unhappy.” The happier our inner child is, the longer we live. Inner child healing starts with identifying “unhappy soul records” starting in the womb of this life, birth, and every day/week/month/year through your current age and past 100 years. This can come up in an SRT session but it can sometimes take an hour up to two hours just to conduct a complete clearing and healing of your inner child.

I highly recommend that all of my clients book a special session just to conduct a complete healing of your inner child. Your life-span and health may literally depend on it!

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