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Akashic Record Readings/Clearings/Healings (SRT)

Negative “programs” and discordant energies are the root cause of a problem or symptom that is negatively affecting your life.

SRT is a powerful healing method that works on a soul level to release negative programming and energies, and stubborn blocks of all kinds.

Healing and medicine are two different disciplines. Please remember to seek medical advice from a qualified doctor in the case of a serious illness. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking it due to something you read on this website. Energy Healing is part of a holistic plan, as a supportive and integrated approach to healing and does not take the place of standard medical or psychological treatment.

How does it work?

Kelli works with the Higher Self/Spirit to tap into your subconscious mind and access soul records (Akashic records) to quickly find and remove limiting energies that can interfere and sabotage your goals and desires. They are replaced with new loving and supportive energies and intentions.

Once these energies and looping programs are cleared, the subconscious mind and soul retains the wisdom and lessons learned, and is empowered to fully self-express.

When a method works on a spiritual level, not just an emotional or mental level, it is possible to find causes linked to past life issues, spiritual realm issues, and the creation of the soul itself.

We all have scars, pain and trauma from our current and past lives. With this powerful work, we can start to dismantle and eliminate old pain, old contracts, old karma, and old energy balls that keep us stuck.

As we are now creating a new earth, it is so very important to clear and release the old energy and blockages that no longer serve us in our ascension into 5D and beyond.

What happens in a Session?

In your session, all 13 original energetic bodies of the soul are cleared and will receive healing. Your personal vibration and level of consciousness will increase. This is a powerful and exacting, totally painless and accurate way of changing the landscape of our inner and outer lives. This healing modality can shift and enhance all areas of life enabling you to live more freely and fully. It allows the soul to move into its fullest expression of joy and abundance.

We will delve into the common issues that fall within the major life themes.

As described in How To Prepare for A Session  I highly recommend that all of my clients book a special session just to conduct a complete healing of your inner child. Your life-span and health may literally depend on it!

Regarding “Inner Child Healing” – The inner child can literally plan for and create accidents, illnesses and diseases in our lives if “unhappy.” The happier our inner child is, the longer we live. Inner child healing starts with identifying “unhappy soul records” starting in the womb of this life, birth, and every day/week/month/year through your current age and past 100 years. This can come up in an SRT session but it can sometimes take an hour up to two hours just to conduct a complete clearing and healing of your inner child.

SRT was developed by Robert E. Detzler and utilizes over 32 charts to thoroughly research one’s Akashic Records. Kelli has also added some of her own charts to further expand upon her Akashic Record readings.

It is best to allow yourself to relax during a session and away from computers and cell phones, and do not drive. Drink extra water following a treatment. Your body will continue its healing and you may have some releasing symptoms for the next 72 hours. Your intent to receive the healing for your highest good is all that is required.

Remote sessions via Zoom, Skype, Facetime or WhatsApp Sessions are available, as well as absentee sessions with written notes provided.

Private Sessions can also be booked for one-on-one Past Life Regressions, Shamanic Soul Retrieval, Finding and Changing Limiting Hidden Beliefs, Shadow Work, Emotional Release, Guided Meditations and Spiritual Counsel – or you can purchase these guided meditations to do yourself

NOTE: If you would like a recording of your session, you are invited to do so using your Smart phone, digital recorder, Skype plug-in or whatever mean suits you.

Session Cancellation Policy

If you cancel or change your appointment more than 48 hours in advance, there is no penalty and your session fee is refundable if desired. You can do all of these steps through the online scheduler.

If you cancel or change your appointment less than 48 hours in advance or are a no-show, your session fee is forfeited. No changes are permitted by the online scheduler less than 48 hours in advance so you’ll need to cancel your session and then purchase a new session in order to make any changes.

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