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Through a reading and healing of your own Soul Records, you will discover the fastest, easiest, most permanent and painless way to make wonderful and positive changes in your life.

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Saturday through Thursday
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I utilize a most powerful transformational tool called Akashic Records. These are the infinite records of your soul, which have recorded every single experience you ever had (past, present and future). Your soul records hold the key to information about your soul’s purpose, and contracts / karma, that you came into this life to work on and resolve.

Receive answers to your questions…

Receive soul guidance and direction for your life…

Clear out all the negative baggage you’ve been dealing with and finally create the life you desire…

Start with one session or go deeper with a series of sessions. You will be amazed how much better you feel and how rapidly your life “smooths out” and transforms into your best life ever!

Heal Your Past… Transform Your Present…Elevate Your Future….
Kelli is a lifelong teacher and student who has the calling to be of service full time and help as many people as possible. She meditates daily, emoting love and light to every being of the earth to raise frequencies and help usher in New Earth.

Her powerful sessions help people quickly transcend limiting beliefs, heal past lives, release anger, depression and other toxic emotions, profoundly healing patterns of pain. Kelli shows people how to achieve their higher potentials and live a life of joy.

Akashic Record Readings/Clearings/Healings (SRT)

Negative “programs” and discordant energies are the root cause of a problem or symptom that is negatively affecting your life.
SRT is a powerful healing method that works on a soul level to release negative programming and energies, and stubborn blocks of all kinds.

The Amazing Secrets (or ‘details’) that Akashic Records Hold

Akashic Records are a recording of a soul’s journey throughout all space-time-continuum, starting from the time a soul individuates from Source (God/Goddess Prime Creator of All That Is). We are all ancient, infinite souls and we begin this journey somewhere among the many places, dimensions, planes of consciousness and we have a huge library because our souls have traveled to so many places and done so many things.

Intuitive Energy Healing Session (or Energy Therapy Session)

“You don’t “have” energy, you ARE energy. Pure, Spirit, 100% Energy.”

Energy Healing or Energy Therapy is one of the oldest forms of healing in the world and especially effective for resolving the underlying root causes of chronic health issues. It’s also highly effective for reducing stress, strengthening the immune system and promoting well-being


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