Shamanic Soul Retrieval (downloadable mp3)


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This channeled guided meditation will take you on a profound journey where you will meet and work with your animal spirit guide who will assist you on finding and bringing back lost pieces of your soul that had disengaged/fragmented during a traumatic event or time of great emotional trauma. You will experience a healing and “re-connection” with up to three soul fragments during each soul retrieval session you do, should you require more than one. Your reunion with each soul fragment will help you fill in those “missing pieces” of your heart and feel more whole, content and fulfilled in your present life. This is also a powerful tool for healing emotional, mental and physical illness.

Personal one-on-one sessions for this work are also available with Kelli, where she can help you become more familiar with this process before doing it on your own, or give you extra support whenever you may be feeling stuck and could benefit from more direction and clarification through the process.