Past Life Regression (downloadable mp3)


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This guided mediation will take you directly into what I call “the hall of lifetimes” where you will personally experience (see/hear/feel/sense) other lifetimes. Lifetimes that may be impacting your current life and causing problems, or lifetimes where you can tap into talents/abilities to bring into this timeline, or just for fun to see other lifetimes you may have had with your loved ones. We will set the intention for you to see a lifetime of your choosing on your way to the great hall. This technique was channeled and is revolutionary in that there is an option to time-travel back to your prior self (as your future self) to provide a healing to your prior self at their time of death if needed. This can be a powerful tool for healing root causes of illnesses.

Personal one-on-one sessions for this work are also available with Kelli, where she can help you through this process before doing it on your own, or give you extra support whenever you may be feeling stuck or for extra guidance to call forth what is most important for you to see and learn from a lifetime having the most impact on you now.