Emotional Release Guided Meditation (downloadable mp3)


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This powerful meditation is extremely beneficial for helping people easily and safely release Anger, Rage, Hurt and Upset feelings, Frustration, Aggravation, feelings of Injustice and Harm of any kind. During this experience you will have a spiritual meeting with the Higher Self of the person(s) who you are angry with or who caused harm to you, and you will be able to fully and completely express those emotions directly in a totally safe way that: 1) will not harm you or your relationship with other people, 2) will immediately drain the volatile energy from your cells, your energy field and physical body providing a great relief for you mentally, emotionally and physically.

Carrying around negative emotions are highly toxic to the body and if not released often create physical illnesses. Emotions such as anger and guilt for example are carried in the liver. Over time these stuck/repressed emotions can paralyze the liver, lowering its function and ability to process toxins. The spleen/stomach carry “worry/over thinking” energy, the lungs hold grief and sorrow, and the kidneys hold fear. It is therefore really important to regularly release emotions from the body to prevent or heal existing illnesses and to help you enjoy continued health and wellness, and peace of mind.